Private: USC is Cracking Down on Frats by Requiring Students to Get Barely Average Grades


man-in-grass-1457886-2 USC announced Friday it will require all students who wish to participate in Greek organization recruitment must complete a minimum of 12 academic units and have a minimum USC GPA of 2.5, beginning in the fall of 2018… Carry wrote that he read “dozens of emails from parents, alumnae and students” and read the “Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council’s thoughtful position statements on the topic” and “heard from voices on both sides of the discussion,” before making the decision.

What a crack down! Watch out world! Lame. Am I living in a dream world or should USC be embarrassed that they made this decision, after much consternation and the reading of dozens of emails. This is an announcement like they are showing the world that they are laying down the law, they are not having it anymore, enough of this crazy Greek life, back to the books! And what was the outcome these meetings and email readings and chest pounding? Students are required to get a 2.5 GPA. So basically students have to be doing average work in their classes. In order to participate in a fraternity at USC you have to get grades that were too low for you to get last year in high school to be accepted into USC in the first place. Great. So if you plan to go to USC in the near future make sure you are borderline average in all aspects of your C+ life. Way to set the bar high!

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