Forget Pizza, DePaul University Has a New Condom Delivery Service!


Wanna get busy on a Friday night but can’t find a condom, don’t worry just Text Jane at DePaul University and those little condom elves will deliver your package right to your door! What kind of genius idea is this and why has no one thought of it before? Well apparently someone did think of it last year at Loyola but when the organizer left school so did all the magnanimous condoms so basically everyone else at Loyola right now is just selfish and lazy. But they aren’t selfish and lazy at DePaul! Not only will they deliver condoms to your door on Friday nights but they also hand them out on campus on Wednesdays cause everyone knows that Wednesdays start the weekend in college and college students put the Hump in Hump Day. Oh and btw, the condoms are all free!!! Way to go DePaul Condom Brigade, you win this week!

Source: dnainfo

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