Georgetown University Students Are Sick of Their Liberal Professors


Acculturated: In a recent editorial in the Hoya, the official student newspaper of Georgetown University, students called for more conservative professors on campus.

Instead, they make a straightforward case that the dearth of conservative professors at Georgetown is leaving students unprepared for the genuine diversity—that is, the diversity of thought—that is part of the real world. Georgetown’s homogeneity, they argue, is leading to an atrophying of their skills for debate and reasoned argument. In other words, without conservatives, they have no one to test their ideas against.

The Hoya, Georgetown’s official student newspaper (that’s a document that prints news), called out it’s faculty and administration for not hiring enough conservative professors. Basically they are sick of all the liberal professors just agreeing with what everyone has to say and the students don’t feel prepared enough to go out into the real world and rip conservatives a new asshole cause they haven’t had enough experience disagreeing with their professors. I have to hand it to the students writing for the Hoya, they are pretty ballsy. First of all, they are telling the administration that they are doing a shitty job in hiring diverse professors and if the students notice the political leanings of their professors then they are either A. not hungover enough in class or B. the administration is way too obvious in pushing their own agenda. In either case I think we can all agree that although marijuana has been legal in D.C. since 2014, the Georgetown students should probably party a little harder so they don’t give as much of a shit and their administration is a bunch of assholes.

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