Carlow University Has a Dumb New College Class: Texting


The Incline: The course is an English class, but it also falls under the umbrella of “critical exploration” courses that focus on critical thinking. So while it’s largely for first-year students, there are some upperclassmen, too.

You have got to be kidding me. I thought a college course on Beyonce warranted a serious eye roll. When Northern Michigan University announced they were creating a major in how to grow pot (go back in the blogs, we wrote about it of course) I was psyched but also laughing out loud. Now Carlow University has a course on texting? A whole course, an entire semester, dedicated to texting. And it’s a freakin’ English course that counts toward a requirement!

According to The Inclinethis genius English professor decided to create and teach a course that explores texting as a language and asks whether or not texting can be considered it’s own language or if it’s just a bunch of dumbo kids being lazy. Here’s the kicker, the article highlights how the professor is learning so much from her students like she learned that what she used to call emoticons back in 2015 are now called emojis. She learned about the different skin tones of emojis. She learned that all caps means YELLING or maybe sometimes EXCITED. But what I learned from this article is that this professor is bullshit.


I always thought that college professors were supposed to be experts in their field. They have doctorates, they’ve published papers and books that other professors use as a reference, they stand in front of rooms of other experts talking about how much more experty they are based on something they just discovered. But Professor Bullshit didn’t discover texting and if she didn’t know the word emoji or that skin tones can change or that all caps express an intense emotion then I would argue that Professor Bullshit ISN’T AN EXPERT IN HER FIELD, HER STUDENTS ARE THE EXPERTS AND THEY ARE PAYING TUITION TO TEACH THIS WOMAN ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THE CLASS SHE CREATED. Let’s do a study on exactly who the lazy one is in this scenario.

All I can say is that I sure hope Professor Bullshit is giving her students some kind of publishing credit on her next bullshit paper or at the very least handing out beers and automatic A’s all semester long. Oh and btw, I’d totally take this class if it counted toward one of my requirements.

middle finger


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