What Not To Do In College 101: Don’t Do Hard Drugs



There are so many things that you can and will do in college and good for you, make memories, have a blast. But it’s better if you don’t do hard drugs. Believe me, they’ll be there and you’ll know people who do them but don’t be one of those people. Trust me, the girl I went to school with who took a walk out of her dorm room window and broke her pelvis probably wishes she stayed away from those hard drugs she was “experimenting” with. That guy that I know who died, was brought back to life, and spent a year in rehab at 20 years old just to get himself to the point of being able to walk up four steps again, probably wishes he laid off the hard shit.

And this isn’t to scare you into thinking that you could die or have serious physical injuries like a broken pelvis or a smashed up grill if you do hard drugs, you are also in legit jeopardy of looking like a straight up asshole. You ever see someone who is totally barred out of Xans or sunbathing on Planet Demerol? They look like slow motion assholes. When someone I went to school with stumbled home one morning after tripping on acid all night long and suddenly proclaimed that she had a profound epiphany and would “never use the word seriously again”, you know what I was thinking? Asshole. Btw, within 20 minutes after arriving home she was using the word seriously at the same extreme level she had been using it pre-trip.

So stay away from the pharmaceuticals un-prescribed to you and the shit someone concocted in a dirty cement basement and the cocaine cause this isn’t 1980’s Wall Street, you’ll have a slightly better chance of surviving college and not looking like a total asshole if you do.

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